afraid of athletics

November 4, 2008

I think the first rule of thumb for every klutz is to stay away from sports. The only sports I’ve ever been involved in is marching band and even that was often a risk since I was on the color guard and swinging a 6-foot metal pole around.

I recently came across one woman’s blog that discusses atheletes’ injuries. The author said that athletes tend to pride themselves on their injuries rather than hide them. I always thought that klutzes tried to hide their embarrassing injuries, but I was surprised to find that I agreed with the logic.

I’ve come in contact with a lot of klutzy people in college, and they all wear their scars and bruises like a badge — whether it’s to warn others to stay away of them because they are so accident-prone or because they actually aren’t embarrassed of being a klutz, I don’t know.

After more thought, I realized I definitely don’t hide my injuries. In fact, I tend to wait in anticipation to tell my friends about my newest debacles. Could being a klutz be more than an inherited issue? Could it have something to do with attention? Just a thought…


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