gift ideas

December 8, 2008

I got this an e-mail today about holiday gifts from Herbal Remedies. Check out the middle of the front page for some cheap presents, including some stuff my from Burts Bees — my favorite. Great place for klutzes who are into all-natural fixes!


get a hobby

November 20, 2008

I find that I’m least clumsy when I’m busy — no time for mistakes. Maybe it’s my mild obsessiveness or maybe it’s just good organization, but when I have a plan mapped out I can go and go until it’s completed.

Usually my plans only include everyday activities — organizing spaces in my apartment, reading or doing a certain amount of homework, or running errands.

I make a list so that I have definite items that I can check off when I finish them — I think that’s the key.

Some of my most recent daily lists

Some of my most recent daily lists

This blog on organizing by a professional organizer gives some really great tips.

I guess it’s just harder to make clumsy moves when my every move is mapped out.

making it worse

November 17, 2008

I’ve said a few times that I believe clumsiness is more a way of life than an occasional condition.

I have proved myself right yet again. In the last post, I mentioned being sick with the flu. Here’s a word to the wise: just stay in bed.

I felt better last Friday so I decided I would be productive and go about my usual day. I woke up, ate breakfast (a first for last week), put my contacts in and went to classes. At the end of the day I was so proud of myself.

When I woke up at 6 a.m. the next morning and could not see out of my right eye, I was less proud of myself.

I had never had Pinkeye before, but I was pretty sure that was what I had. I had to call an emergency appointment with my eye doctor for Saturday morning (which was so cheap) and he basically told me it was my own fault.

Apparently, when you have a virus and you wear contact lenses, the lenses cut off the oxygen supply to your cornea. When oxygen is cut off, your eye, just like other mucus membranes in your body, begins to show signs of your virus. It was lovely.

(If I had just searched online I would have found so many sites telling me not to wear them.)

So now I’m on antibiotic eye drops every two hours and still sick because the flair-up actually made my virus last longer.

It’s not exactly clumsy, but I would definitely say that this happened to me because I am a klutz and I’m always doing the wrong thing.


This little mistake ended up costing me more than my health and time — I racked up $90 in eye doctor bills.

calmly coping

November 13, 2008

Just like a stereotypical klutz, I somehow caught both strep throat and the flu in about a two-week period.

With the flu, which I currently have, there’s really not much to do besides relax and try to deal with it.

While surfing the web for something to help, I found this amazing Web site about simplifying your life and making your day a little less stressful. The posts are very insightful and they have really helped me to relax and still be productive while sick. They are also helpful in calming down your non-sick days so that clumsy incidents are less likely to happen.

Besides resting, here are some helpful home remedies for the flu (or flu-like viruses).

Hopefully all of this will help with all of the inevitable illnesses of wintertime.

even klutzes have birthdays

November 6, 2008

I was just thinking of all the klutzy things that I do that would seriously only happen to someone as clumsy as me. 

The best example I can think of is my 18th birthday party. I was surrounded by family and friends and looking at a huge glowing cake. As I bent down to blow out the candles, I heard a gasp and when I looked up, my entire family was lunging at my face. Let me just say, there is nothing worse than staring at the people you love while they scream and jump at your face.

I didn’t realize until about 45 seconds later that my hair had brushed a candle and caught on fire. 

Best birthday ever.

So, here’s a tip: always tie your hair back when blowing out candles or risk having your birthday become your worst nightmare.


These klutzes can offer some other birthday horror stories to learn from, including hangover debacles and skating accidents.

need-to-know basis

October 24, 2008

Getting my face painted at a parade

Getting my face painted at a parade

Being a klutz is more than just being clumsy, it’s a way of life.

For example, whenever I go places or to special events, there’s always one thing (or more than one thing) that I forget.

And it always happens to be the most important thing, like sunscreen or directions.

So, since it’s homecoming at the University of Florida, where I am a student, this weekend, this list of safety tips and reminders about parades is something every klutz needs to know.

Things to know when planning for a parade:

  • Find out where lost children are taken at the parade location.
  • Figure out where the parade route begins and ends. (I find that the end is usually the best place to be because the people on the floats are trying to get rid of everything they’ve been holding out on during the rest of the parade.)
  • DO NOT cross the barricades to go grab candy or prizes on the street. Want to know why this is such a bad idea? This article about a boy who died while doing just that is enough to scare any parent.
  • Check to see if animals are allowed before you bring the family dog.
  • Check the weather. If it is going to be warm, don’t forget the sunscreen. If it’s going to be cold, bring a jacket that you can take off because you may get hot while screaming for beads. If it’s going to rain, bring a poncho (I find these are better suited for parades than umbrellas because they don’t block the view of those behind you).
  • Bring snacks or toys for kids in case they get hungry or bored.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and prepare to be standing for a long time while waiting for the parade to begin.
  • Lawn chairs are always a good idea, especially at bigger parades, because the gutters on the side of the road can get pretty dirty which makes sitting on the curb not so tempting.
  • BRING WATER. Even if it is going to be cold, raining or nighttime, water at events like this is always over priced.

Leave a comment if you can think of anything really important that I forgot!

Parade Beads

Parade Beads