don’t drop the phone

December 5, 2008

I have been thinking of getting a new phone lately. I currently use an original version of the LG White Chocolate and it’s pretty much the best phone I’ve ever had. But I’ve dropped it about a million times — the most recent being into a bowl of corn bread crumbs while I was cooking yesterday — and it’s looking pretty beat-up.

The problem is that most cell phones these days aren’t very sturdy. I don’t do flip phones because I’ve broken too many too easily. I also don’t really like the sliders because they always slide open in your purse, pocket or just before they hit the ground.

I think klutzes should follow one rule when buying a phone: the more solid, the better.

But with Verizon, the only phones that are solid are the PDAs which require a $30 per month fee because they automatically have internet access.

So I guess I’m stuck with the same phone until a new, more perfect one is invented. Any suggestions?