making it worse

November 17, 2008

I’ve said a few times that I believe clumsiness is more a way of life than an occasional condition.

I have proved myself right yet again. In the last post, I mentioned being sick with the flu. Here’s a word to the wise: just stay in bed.

I felt better last Friday so I decided I would be productive and go about my usual day. I woke up, ate breakfast (a first for last week), put my contacts in and went to classes. At the end of the day I was so proud of myself.

When I woke up at 6 a.m. the next morning and could not see out of my right eye, I was less proud of myself.

I had never had Pinkeye before, but I was pretty sure that was what I had. I had to call an emergency appointment with my eye doctor for Saturday morning (which was so cheap) and he basically told me it was my own fault.

Apparently, when you have a virus and you wear contact lenses, the lenses cut off the oxygen supply to your cornea. When oxygen is cut off, your eye, just like other mucus membranes in your body, begins to show signs of your virus. It was lovely.

(If I had just searched online I would have found so many sites telling me not to wear them.)

So now I’m on antibiotic eye drops every two hours and still sick because the flair-up actually made my virus last longer.

It’s not exactly clumsy, but I would definitely say that this happened to me because I am a klutz and I’m always doing the wrong thing.


This little mistake ended up costing me more than my health and time — I racked up $90 in eye doctor bills.


calmly coping

November 13, 2008

Just like a stereotypical klutz, I somehow caught both strep throat and the flu in about a two-week period.

With the flu, which I currently have, there’s really not much to do besides relax and try to deal with it.

While surfing the web for something to help, I found this amazing Web site about simplifying your life and making your day a little less stressful. The posts are very insightful and they have really helped me to relax and still be productive while sick. They are also helpful in calming down your non-sick days so that clumsy incidents are less likely to happen.

Besides resting, here are some helpful home remedies for the flu (or flu-like viruses).

Hopefully all of this will help with all of the inevitable illnesses of wintertime.